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30 Nov 2016 13:54:13
Hi Ed, checked the search function so don't kill me for asking, but just wondering, despite Neymar signing his new deal recently, there it still speculation over his future. Surely he won't be leaving Barcelona anytime soon or do you know different? thanks as always in advance.

{Ed002's Note - Barcelona are not open to selling Neymar at this time but Messi will be allowed to leave.}

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11 Nov 2016 14:41:59
Hi ed

Wondering if anything has changed in regards to Ivan Racitic at Barcelona


{Ed002's Note - Barcelona are aware of interest from Juventus in Ivan Rakitic, but are not planning on selling.}

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11 Nov 2016 17:25:28
Thanks for the info

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10 Jan 2017 14:04:21
Hi ed

Anything changed in regards to Rakitic

{Ed002's Note - Barcelona are aware of interest from Juventus and Manchester City in Ivan Rakitic, but are not planning on selling, and certainly not without a replacement. They are likely to change head coach in the summer and I suspect Rakitic will bide his time until then.}

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10 Jan 2017 14:52:11
Cheers ed

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27 Oct 2016 14:20:04
Hey ed

Is there any interest in Gerard Pique? If so would you expect anything to happen in January?

{Ed002's Note - No and no.}

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22 Jul 2016 09:24:34
Eds are Barcelona interested in any RB's? or are they planning on using sergi roberto in that role as the media suggests.

{Ed001's Note - yes they are looking to sign a right back.}

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16 Jul 2016 12:13:47
Ed, can you explain why Barcelona may get a significant boost in income.

{Ed002's Note - By selling players.}

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16 Jul 2016 12:21:23
Could you specify which players?

{Ed002's Note - I am not writing lengthy lists - all of this has been covered before.}

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16 Jul 2016 12:27:54
OK no problem. Thanks Ed I'll scroll through the pages

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30 Jun 2016 05:34:18
Hello Ed002,

Quite a few press reports coming out with conflicting news on Neymar. Some say he is going to a new improved deal with Barcelona yet his agent said that there are 3 clubs willing to trigger his clause (although I ignore the clause stuff, too complicated!).

Yet yesterday there was a report saying Manchester United are making big push for Neymar and an agent is working on it in Brazil on behalf of the club.

I wonder if you could update us on it.

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10 Jun 2016 23:50:02
Hello Eds, had to make a new account to post a question on here for some reason.

Just wondering if there is any information you can provide on a player(sorry for name dropping) called Alen Halilović.

Is much expected of him? Is he a target for anyone?


{Ed002's Note - It is a prime case of a young player moving to a big club too soon and his career taking a major knock. Barcelona are looking to sell him to Valencia but FFP in respect of their wage bill means they have to move someone on first.}

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11 Jun 2016 00:09:52
It's sad when this happens, thanks Ed002.

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26 May 2016 09:38:11
Can the Eds shed some light into the situation at barcelona?

any truth into the Javi Mascherano and Dani Alves rumours?

who have they got lined up to fill in those starter positions.

also has anyone made any offers for the likes of Neymar and Suarez?


{Ed002's Note - Both are available. PSG and other previously interested parties are keeping clear of Dani Alves nowadays - although he will be available in the summer and there are efforts being made to get Juventus to make a bid. Mascherano could be available but price will be an issue. There are no offers for the other.}

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07 Jun 2016 11:29:03
are barcelona looking for a RB now that alves has decided to leave?

and with them being short in defense are they looking for a CB?

{Ed002's Note - Yes - and it has all been done to death.}

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07 Jun 2016 16:08:09
ok will just use the search function thanks for your time.

{Ed002's Note - Try the European pages as well.}

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23 May 2016 16:17:15
Hi Eds,

What's the situation with Arda Turan?


{Ed002's Note - For sale at the right price.}

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23 May 2016 16:30:30
Thanks for the prompt reply Ed002, anyone interested in him right now?

{Ed002's Note - There have been no approaches to his club.}

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23 May 2016 16:36:06
Ahh I see, thanks very much Ed!

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22 Apr 2016 03:48:17
Eds, Was wondering if you knew anything about the situation with Aleix Vidal?

He hasn't played often since being registered (and when he does play he starting a full back rather than winger but I guess it is Barca) and is now omitted from the squad entirely, Reports are suggesting Enrique wants to get rid of him.

Do you know if this is true? And if he were to be available who would look at the player?

{Ed002's Note - There is no "situation" with Vidal. He could not play before January due to the transfer embargo. Since then he has played in quite a few games until a recent injury.}

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27 Mar 2016 00:34:58
Is there genuine interest in any Arsenal players for this summer? A few names have been rumoured: Ozil, Ramsey, Bellerin.

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05 Apr 2016 18:39:28
Hi ed

Is there any interest in Sergio busquets

Thanks in advance

{Ed002's Note - Nobody has spoken with Barcelona just yet but they do expect interest unless his contract can be extended.}

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05 Apr 2016 18:45:47
Thanks ed very underrated in that barca team i would hope that MU may show an interest.

Thanks again

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27 Mar 2016 02:50:58
Is there genuine interest in any Arsenal players for this summer? A few names have been rumoured: Ozil, Ramsey, Bellerin.

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25 Mar 2016 04:39:43
Hey Ed,
You've mentioned that Barcelona may need to sell one of their bigger name players in order to finance other matters. My question is would they be interested in selling Suarez and if so are there any clubs who have expressed an interest in his services? As always thanks for the time and hope the rodeo circuit is keeping you honest!

{Ed002's Note - Suarez is not the first choice but he is possibly an option for Manchester City.}

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25 Mar 2016 12:36:02
Appreciate it Ed! I assume it's safe to say that clubs are still wary of the potential for the life ban if he were to bite another player.

{Ed002's Note - I think it very unlikely that he will return to England.}

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29 Jan 2016 14:22:09
I've noticed on the Liverpool page when a player like ter Stegen gets mentioned, you say he might wait out for the changes happening in a few months to re assess where he stands.
Is there any chance you should shed some light on what's going to happen?

{Ed002's Note - It is not something I wish to deal with here YR. Thanks.}

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22 Jan 2016 16:20:52
I am aware that its silly season and the eds probably can't wait for this window to end.

if anyone with some info can answer these queries i would greatly appreciate it. if not i understand.

1) what's all this neymar talk to madrid or man utd? any legs to it?

2) messi did say in some recent article that he does not envision himself playing anywhere else other than barca, does this play a role into neymar thinking he wants to be the go to guy in another team?

3) Sandro, Munir, and Sergi roberto have any teams stepped up interest or made any bids for these players?

your time is appreciated, even if it means you read this and delete it.

{Ed002's Note - (1) As I have explained before, Barcelona wish to start to rebuild their side around Neymar and need to raise cash to do that. There are a four issues that could adversely influence what will happen with that plan going forward - and that could see him sold. If circumstances are such that he is to be available at some point, then the known interest of Chelsea, PSG and Manchester United will no doubt be tested. It would not be out of the question for Manchester City to also think about putting a package together. But any move in the short to medium term is very unlikely. (2) No. (c) Barcelona's Sando Ramirez is surplus to requirements and may be sold in January. Marseille, Spurs and Roma have a declared interest although with Marseille seemingly having struck a deal with another target they are likely out of the market for Sandro. Interest in Munir from the EPL has drifted away for now. Roberto would be available at the right price but EPL sides are not looking for a January move. There was interest from Inter but they have dug this enormous financial hole over a transfer so nothing will happen immediately.}

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08 Feb 2016 17:49:51
Superb info as always ed 002, much appreciated!

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08 Jan 2016 13:51:44
Hey Ed. A question regarding Sergio Roberto, now the Barcelona can now sign players, is he likely to go in order to raise some fundage? Not a bad player. Would any EPL teams be interested, could see him at Sphurs or Southampton, both teams like to bring young players on and give them s chance.

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15 Nov 2015 18:37:31
Hi Eds,
Any chance of a little rundown on what Barcelona have planned for the January transfer window? When you have a bit of time, of course.
Kind regards,

{Ed002's Note - It is a difficult time to plan transfers for as many teams are not keen to sell in January. Also keep in mind that money remains an issue and I will say that there is another matter hanging over the club that will see the summer be the far more likely time for any significant changes.

Firstly there are already two new recruits in Vidal and Arda Turan.

Other players they have been looking at:

Centre Back: Juventus, Southampton, Borussia Dortmund and Barcelona have had scouts watching Valencia's Shkodran Mustafi (who was at one time on Everton's books) in recent weeks - this is in addition to with Manchester United, Bayern Munich and Juventus declaring an interest with his club.

Midfield: Gundogan was refusing to agree a new deal and Dortmund were willing to let him leave this past summer as he was seen as a shadow of his former (pre-injury) self. Clubs were interested, including Manchester United and Manchester City, but an approach about his availability was responded to that a three year extension has been agreed between the club and player and details are being finalised. However, he then again refused to sign the contract and all he was prepared to do was to sign an extension until 2017. Dortmund are pretty much done with him - he was expected to leave this past summer and they had already a replacement in place. Juventus, Barcelona, Manchester City, Manchester United, Bayern Munich and Arsenal have all been interested to some extent or other. Barcelona may still be interested but they are certainly not pushing right now. Manchester City and Arsenal walked away over concerns about sustained fitness and form against price - they will likely see the risk as still too high. Manchester United may continue to show interest but will only bite at the right price - and the player may have reservations about opportunities at Old Trafford. Cannot be discounted. Bayern Munich failed with an offer of Goetze as part of a deal for Gundogan in the summer - and a second one including Højbjerg as part of the deal. Dortmund would rather not sell to Bayern. Klopp has said that he will not return to Dortmund to buy players - maybe he is lying - I don't know. If he is to move soon then Juventus and, possibly, Barcelona seems the most viable destination.

Tielemans has attracted long-term interest from Chelsea with Atletico Madrid, Arsenal, Juventus, Napoli, Barcelona and Marseille all showing an interest in the past 9 months. Plenty of other sides will have had him scouted. Chelsea have actively been speaking with his club since January 2014 but would even now need to send him on loan for, I imagine, at least a year or more. Atletico spoke with Anderlecht this summer and the player liked the idea of a move to Madrid but nothing could be resolved for a move at the time. The problem with a move to England is that he is certainly not ready to step right in to the first team at many of the more senior clubs. If he accepts that and a loan, then a move is possible. Whilst Barcelona, Arsenal and Chelsea may well all look to offers in January, a move before next summer is unlikely. I also understand that Piero Ausilio attended the Spurs vs Anderlecht game to watch two players - Tielemans being one.

If Marco Verratti were available there would be plenty of clubs interested, not least Roma and Juventus - and he remains open to a move to Turin. PSG will be prepared to let him and Cavani go to Juventus as part of a deal for Pogba but Juve want to control the transfer. PSG would also offer him as part of a deal for Pjanic - but Manchester City have other plans for him. Verratti has also been offered to an English side, but they have no interest, certainly not at the asking price. Real Madrid will push if it looks like he is going to be available and Barcelona may look again. A recent injury means the summer remains a more likely time for a move.

Attacking Midfield: Schalke rejected a €37M offer from Real Madrid for Calhanoglu this summer and made it clear he would not be sold. Barcelona and Arsenal may still maintain their interest if he becomes available, and perhaps Manchester United would be interested having had the player recommended to them. I would not be surprised if Manchester City were to look to Hakan Calhanoglu next summer. However, I anticipate that Juventus will try and negotiate an early deal for the player as they are wary of an offer being considered by Milan.

Dynamo Kyiv managed to persuade Yarmolenko not to move this past summer and managed to get him to sign a new contract. There has been interest over the past year from Roma, Spurs, Stoke, Fiorentina, Everton, Inter and Dortmund. Bayer Leverkusen, Valencia, Napoli and Manchester City all dropped their interest and PSG, who were considering Yarmolenko as a possible option to replace Lavezzi this past summer, seem to have done the same - at least for now but there is a reasonable chance Lavezzi could move in January. Yarmolenko has expressed a desire to move to Barcelona or Chelsea - and there has been more than one approach made directly to the Chelsea to gauge their interest. Right now it looks like Barcelona are considering their options for a January bid, but much will depend for them on an entirely separate matter. Whilst an approach was made to the agent of Yarmolenko by Arsenal in the summer, nothing could be done. He spent the summer screwing everyone around and there is still a lingering view he could do the same in January. I don't know if anything can be done or if Arsenal or Barcelona will push, but Piero Ausilio was at a recent game to look again at him - so Inter might still be in the mix.

Coutinho - a possible option for the summer. Says he wants out if Liverpool don't get to the Champions League.

Giovinco has an agent who spends the period leading up to each transfer window talking up his client - and this time it is no different with Barcelona discussing the Toronto player with his agent - but no more at this time.

Forward: The Reus situation is that Borussia Dortmund offered a significant cash sum to the player to sign a one year extension to remove the release clause that German clubs could use to force a deal for the summer. Manchester United's previous interest has probably moved on, at least for now. Chelsea stepped back from any deal in December after several discussions resulted in a significant issue becoming clear - if that goes away then it is possible something could still be done, but I very, very much doubt it. Bayern is no longer pushing for him. Real Madrid would liked to have a deal this summer and did approach Dortmund with a tentative offer - but they need to move others on first - and that was a problem. It could be January 2016 when they make a further move for him, simply for fear that Barcelona may look to striking a deal as a replacement for Pedro - but Reus has made it clear that he feels let down by Barcelona last summer and they are known to be looking elsewhere. Arsenal will be interested if he is available but my expectation is he will probably remain at Dortmund for all of this season.}

Forward Cover: There is no secret that Barcelona has been looking for versatile forward cover since Pedro left. This has been pushed to the fore now because of injury to Messi and the person they had in mind (Nolito) not being keen on moving just to provide cover. They have looked at Jonathan Soriano but it would be a compromise as he is a striker and not as versatile as they would like. A further complication comes in clubs not being keen to sell in January. Plan B might be to look to a short term deal (6 months or more likely 18 months) for an older player who will happily wait until asked to play. Kuyt may well suit the bill there but I am not aware of any approach being made at this time. A further complication is that a squad place would be taken up going forward, and that would not be desirable. A loan for a player is also not out of the question.}

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15 Nov 2015 21:45:25
Thank you, Ed.
A good bedtime read.
Much appreciated.

{Ed002's Note - You are welcome.}

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10 Nov 2015 06:18:56
Hi eds, recently read a few articles about Barcelona possibly leaving LA liga if Catalonia gain independence from Spain. any ideas on where they would play their league football if this were to happen? also a couple of journos in Spain think that if they do leave LA liga it could be the kickstarter that leads to the breakaway euro league, could you see it happening?

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10 Nov 2015 08:52:29

{Ed002's Note - We won't get to the point where Barcelona are expelled from La Liga and if they are they would be welcome in France - but it won't happen. The breakaway league will happen but is not dependent solely on Barcelona.

A breakaway league remains very much a now issue with regular discussions on the matter between a dozen or more clubs.

Without going in to too much detail: (a) A number of clubs take the opportunity a once or twice a year to discuss various issues including changes in rules, television rights, the power of UEFA, exploitation issues for new technology streams, etc.. These discussions, the last of which were in late March in Monte Carlo, also always turn to the possibility and structure of a breakaway pan European league. Several are ex-G14 clubs, several are not, and some clubs decline involvement in such discussions. The next meeting will be toward the end of August. (b) The plan is that at some point a number of clubs would break away from their national leagues and UEFA. They accept that they would be banned from all existing club competition and the players would initially be banned from all FIFA competitions as well, but know that FIFA would be looking to negotiate in any case. It would be the end of UEFA in all probability and UEFA are very aware of this. It would also result in a restructuring of many of the national leagues. (c) The clubs would renegotiate their television rights, rights of distribution via other streams etc.. (d) It remains the greatest fear of UEFA and all major national authorities that one day this will happen. (e) Timing wise, two very prominent clubs want it to happen as soon as possible (2018) but most are looking at 2022 being a good option. Realistically, a few clubs are looking at 2025 to 2027 and I suspect that could end up as the reality.

There is every likelihood that the big money from television, sponsorship etc. would go with a breakaway league. It would completely rupture the operations of UEFA and I would expect it would require national associations like the FA to restructure their leagues. Nobody wants this but it is the eventual consequence I would expect. Initially it could be that there is a single 16 team league with 2 or 3 EPL teams making the initial plunge. If I had to speculate, I would think (1) you might eventually see something like five or six EPL teams leave for two-tier pan European league - but it won't be based on the UEFA rankings; (2) the Premier League would be disbanded as an organisation; (3) the FA would restructure in to two 20 team divisions with lower leagues regionalised as they were many years ago; (4) FIFA would ban all players from the breakaway teams from International football - perhaps rescinding that position to stop FIFA breaking up as well. I could also see many teams lose their professional status. I would think we are probably 10 years away from any significant move at this time.

I hold a reasonably strong view in terms of the need to restructure football in Europe in any case. For me an eventual a breakaway pan-European league would force the restructuring of many of the national leagues, possibly resulting in a British league with perhaps only a couple of professional tiers and then regionalised amateur leagues below that. Financially I do not see that so many pro sides can be sustained within the sport which, like it or not, will see more and more money going in to the highest levels of the game. Governments will ensure that grassroots sport get funding but everything in the middle (Southern, Northern, Conference, Division 2, Scottish Divisions 1-3, League of Wales will not get the funding needed to continue on any sort of professional basis.

This would create a separate situation in Spain with the likes of the Real Madrid and Barcelona B sides.}

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11 Nov 2015 19:20:07
Cheers ed very useful info

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11 Oct 2015 17:00:58
Hello Eds, I saw this on ESPN from 2 days ago, apparently Barcelona are looking for "reasonable veteran options".

One of the names that came up was Dirk Kuyt. Just out of sheer curiosity, is this true? Lol.

{Ed002's Note - There is no secret that Barcelona has been looking for versatile forward cover since Pedro left. This has been pushed to the fore now because of injury to Messi and the person they had in mind (Nolito) not being keen on moving just to provide cover. They have looked at Jonathan Soriano but it would be a compromise as he is a striker and not as versatile as they would like. A further complication comes in clubs not being keen to sell in January. Plan B might be to look to a short term deal (6 months or more likely 18 months) for an older player who will happily wait until asked to play. Kuyt may well suit the bill there but I am not aware of any approach being made at this time. A further complication is that a squad place would be taken up going forward, and that would not be desirable. A loan for a player is also not out of the question.}

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