05 Aug 2021 19:07:25
Hey Ed002,

So another twist.
I was sure La Liga sold the 10% to make sure Barcelona can use the (supposed) 250 million euros share to retain Messi.
And now it was announced that they will part ways.

So where‘s he going now?
Are City going to stop the Grealish transfer for Messi? Do PSG stop caring about FFP altogether? will Juventus use their 400 Million to sign Messi on top of Ronaldo?

Could Chelsea jump in and abandon Lukaku?

Or is it Miami FC earlier then planned?

Thank you so much for all the input you can give.

Take care.

{Ed002's Note - Lionel Messi (F) The plan was to leave in the summer although a new contract might be possible, but he would need to take a significant cut in wages. In terms of clubs who could potentially put a suitable package together, there would only likely be Manchester City (who could have used Gabriel Jesus and Eric Garcia in exchange last summer but didn't want plans disrupted) can be probably be discounted as they turn their attention elsewhere because of the costs, Juventus (who can also certainly be discounted as they are working to a fixed plan for other targets), PSG (who could have looked to use Neymar in a deal last summer - but Neymar is no longer in the plans of Barcelona, but they could end up being the only viable option - but also have other plans) and Inter Milan (who had the chance to offer Lautaro Martinez in any transaction and Javier Zanetti could yet look to sell the project and tax laws which would keep the cost to the club to lower than competitors). Other sides who are financially in a position to take him (Bayern Munich, Chelsea etc.) have other plans and see the costs as obscene. He will have no interest in playing in China or the Middle East. My expectation was that Messi would stay another year or two to play with Aguero at Barcelona. One day perhaps a season at Inter Miami, Boca or Newell's OB before retirement. If he left, PSG or possibly Manchester City appear the only fits in Europe.}

1.) 05 Aug 2021
05 Aug 2021 21:56:50
Thanks Ed!
Amazing, would love to know what happened today in the meeting. It seemed to go smoothly and then the club releases the statement, I guess Messi Sr must have moved the goalposts and infuriated the Barcelona top brass.

And it seems he backed himself into a corner now with only PSG viable.

Guess Pogba moving to PSG is not going to happen then but Barcelona might have a lump sum of budget to play with now.

Very interesting to see what’s going to happen in the coming weeks in Barcelona.
No need to get rid of the other stars to free budget now, I guess.

{Ed002's Note - It is nothing to do with Pogba.}